“The environment, science, education and health - these are the sparks that drive the de Ramel Foundation.”


Our Focus



 Individuals and organizations that search for the next big idea are the de Ramel Foundation's passion; funding new ideas and technologies for the purpose of making the world better.



The de Ramel Foundation believes that to increase long-term success for the planet, the history in our community -- people and places -- needs to be understood and preserved.  



The world needs to be sustainable for future generations.  The de Ramel Foundation funds projects that promote progress and growth on local and global levels.  


“de Ramel Foundation funds innovative thinking. New and creative ideas...”


Our work

de Ramel - RhodySquash

RhodySquash at YMCA

Co-founded in 2010, this organization is focused on the heath, wellness and athletic development of the youth on Aquidneck Island. Squash is a great sport and RhodySquash is an organization dedicated to its mission: Corpus, Mens, Spiritus (Body, Mind, Spirit). A dream for a state-of-the-art of Squash Center on Aquidneck Island where the community can gather to support our youth is in motion. Passion for community and wellness are the driver for de Ramel Foundation to work with the YMCA to build a world class Squash Center for Newport County.

Learn more at https://newportymca.org/rhodysquash/

de Ramel - Maker Lab

InnovationLab at St. Michael’s Country Day School

To nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, St. Michael's is building a maker's lab. This Aquidneck Island elementary school is providing young children the opportunity and exposure to create, build and play -- elevate education and technology.

Learn more at smcds.org/maker-lab

de Ramel - Norman Prince Neurosciences

Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute (NPNI) at RI Hospital

For the de Ramel Foundation, this is an opportunity to make a powerful impact on neurosciences and the state of Rhode Island. This Institute promotes talented and innovative research, has created economic development for the state, and supports progress in the arena's of health and technology.

Learn more at lifespan.org


Commemorative Air Force

Military aviation is in the de Ramel bloodline, and supporting the history and preservation of aviation in the United States is a natural extension of the de Ramel Foundation's work.

Learn more at https://www.commemorativeairforce.org

Newport SkatePark

The promotion of health and wellness through a community partnership -- local Skate enthusiasts and local government working together for the youth and their sport.  This will be the only SkatePark on Aquidneck Island when it is completed.

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/newnewportskatepark/

North Country School

Supporting education is a key focus of the de Ramel Foundation.  Our work with NCS/NTT is an opportunity to shift out of the local community to connect with new ideas and creative thinking.

Learn more at https://www.northcountryschool.org/about-us

About us



Our young family lives in Newport, Rhode Island . . . 

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The de Ramel Foundation (dRF) is a private grant-making 501c3 organization established in 2010.  

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Our ancestor Ramelli invented the book wheel  . . . 

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